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Omina Mortis – gothic thriller in medieval style.

Omnia Mortis is a bold experiment in interactive fiction that is steeped in medieval aesthetics and symbolism. Peril noiselessly slips from shadow to shadow throughout the fog-laden streets of the Forgotten Kingdom as you descend deeper and deeper into its dark, demonic mystery.

During the story, players will be able to explore:

  • Open world with elaborated lore
  • Medieval castles with its own mysteries and secrets
  • Stories of three heroes, on whose behalf the plot will be told

By using classic methods of gothic literature authors tried to make the story intense and atmospheric so player could attach his attention to the game for a while. In Omnia Mortis you will be confused by a tangle on the edge of mystic and action detective that will be fully solved only after multiple passing the game.


Omina Mortis

Install instructions

No installation required - simply open the game folder and double click the icon OminaMortis.exe


Omina Mortis Demo (27 MB)

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